Sample Images

What do I get?

A runner always wonders what s/he gets as a final deliverable, before deciding to purchase. Here is the list of various images you will be downloading on successful order booking.

High Resolution Image

Here is a sample high resolution image with overlay.

The high resolution images will come with an overlay approved by Run organisers. Typically, the overlay will be at the bottom of the image. Sometimes, it may be on the top portion of image, mostly with Organiser logo and other logos as approved by Organiser.

  • High Resolution Image with Overlay
  • High Resolution Image with Overlay
  • High Resolution Image with Overlay
  • High Resolution Image with Overlay

Timed Image of a Runner photo
Timed Image

How about having the run time printed on the image? Your Image with race time may appear like this.

These images will be available for limited runs where Organiser has signed an agreement with Oneglint. And, the time printed on the image will be provisional time available with Oneglint at the time of going live with Digital downloads.

Certificate Image

Isn't it always exciting to have your photo on Participation Certificate? The participation certification with your photo (in action) will look like this and you get all selected photos in this format.

The availability of Certificate images dependent on the run Organiser and Oneglint's agreement.

Timed Image of a Runner photo

Journey Map

It'd be amazing to see how far we came as a Runner in a single edition or across editions of a run or even in a given year.

The Journey Map/ Collage can be created across Run editions or from single edition or for a given year and the sample is available here both in Portrait (2ft x 3ft) & Landscape (3ft x 2ft).

This is available ONLY in print.

  • Journey Map - Landscape
  • Journey Map - Portrait